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Let Women Speak is a global movement that creates space for women to centre women.

We are a global constituency of women. We focus specifically on the word "woman", and other female language that clearly defines us, and our rights. The purpose of our campaign is to raise funds in order to promote the fight back against this global assault of women.


Throughout the legal framework of women's sex based rights and protections we use the word "woman".  It is essential that this word is retained to mean "adult human female" only.  Without this word all of our rights and protections are lost. Our rights were never created for our "gender" but our sex.


Our sex is female. The sex that bears children. The sex that requires maternity rights, privacy rights, equality with the male sex in the work place, specific health care issues, reproductive rights, and so on. If our rights become dependent upon "gender" then they are no longer women's rights, they are "feminine" rights.



In keeping with our mission to ensure everyone knows exactly what is going on in a way that is witty, attention grabbing and to the point, our local women will be up to something mischievous very soon.  We are activists, with the emphasis on active.  We don't ask for permission to speak, we demand to be heard.  If you want to join in click here


Since 2016 we've been talking about the impact on our children in schools.  We think most of our schools lack appropriate single sex facilities for children.  Help us illustrate this by filling out our survey. 
#WhatAboutGirls? #WAG #LWS

2024 is the year of the WOMAN

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